June 5, 2016

Farmers Market 6/1

After the memorial service for Bill (Aunt Karen's husband) I dropped off Nate back at work.  I was taking my mom back to my house so she could get her car.  The Farmers Market at the hospital was happening so my mother asked to stop.  So we went.  

We walked around.  There wasn't many vendors but there was plenty to see and buy.

Here's some veggies and fruits....

I saw this little herb garden.  I loved it.  The container is adorable.  I'm not sure how much these were.  I didn't see any signs with a price.  :(

We stopped at a lemonade vendor and and my mom treated me to a nice refreshing lemonade.  We both got strawberry lemonade.  It was sooooo good, cold and perfect for the hot day.

My mother picked up some lettuce and fresh tomatoes.  She had plans to make BLT's for dinner.  MMMMM!  I saw a chives plant I wanted from one farmer.  I had no cash so my mom got it for me with her tomatoes purchase.

After I got home, my mom went home and K texted me.  She was almost to my town from the memorial service we attended.  I told her to stop by my house so she could see the chickens.  :)

Then we went to target.  We both bought way too much stuff at target.  haha  What else is new?  Target does that to you.  :)

One thing, I bought myself was this cute little herb garden pot.  K said she has this exact pots and tray for her kitchen window herb garden.  The little pots snap out to clean the tray.

When I got home I potted my new chives, old chives and my old basil plants.

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