June 6, 2010

My friend Crystal, invited me to a Pampered Chef party last night. I have Pampered chef products but I've never actually been to a pampered chef party. So, I was excited to go!! Melissa decided to come too so the 3 of us went together.

After everyone introduced themselves, we got up and went into the kitchen and made dinner. It was cool b/c you actually got to use the items to see if you liked them. It was 'a try it before you buy it'. Awesome!! We had a salad that was oh so good. It had baby spinach, toasted pecans, cranberries, red apples, red onion, celery, chicken and the dressing was mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, orange zest, and orange juice. I'm so gonna make that very soon!!!

The items I got last night....
This is the salad chopper. I used this to cut the chicken for the salad. I loved it!! :) You can use it to cut up anything you want.
These are the adjustable measuring spoons. I got these b/c I'd been looking to get some news ones and I felt these were just what I wanted.
This is the I-Slice. I got this to clip coupons or other packages that are hard to open. :)

Items I want.... :)

This is the Deep Covered Baker. So awesome. You can make chicken breast in the microwave in 8 min!!! Or a 4lb whole chicken in 30 min in this dish. How cool is that? The chicken we had in our salad was made in this baker dish. Everyone was surprised and shocked at how juicy and moist this chicken came out. You can also bake cakes in this. Like a Lava Molten Chocolate Cake.....Mix your cake mix in a bowl, add batter to your baker, then pour your tub of frosting right on top of the batter. Bake it and then you have your cake with your melted frosting. YUM!
This item is the Cool & Serve Square Tray. It's multi-useful. I want it!! You can use it to transport deviled eggs, cupcakes (yes it fits 24 cupcakes), chips, fruit. Whatever you want to use it for.

The last 2 items was a lot more money that I wanted to spend. I figure I could just host my own little party and I could earn these. :) Hopefully! :) So, these items are on my wish list and maybe after my party in August I will get them. :)

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