June 14, 2010

For the next 5 days....

I've made myself a goal to drink 2 slim fast drinks a day and eat 1 meal for the next 5 days. My friend Jessica, got me the slim fast drinks and I'm determined to do this. A meal of veggies and fruits. Wish me luck!!! I know I can do this!!! :)

I'll edit this blog through out the week with my progress! :)

Day 1: Doing good. I had a shake for breakfast and lunch. I went to the store and bought a lot of veggies and fruits. I'll make a salad to take to work tonight along with some fruits. I also worked out for an hour at the gym this morning! So far things are good! :)

Day 2: Things still good. I've already lost 2 pounds! :) I had a shake for breakfast and lunch again today. For snacks, I have some fruit and a little bit of reduced fat peanut butter on a green apple. And for dinner I'll have some whole grain rice, fruit and some carrots and cucumbers.

Day 3: Today, I had a slim fast for breakfast and one for lunch. I also worked out for over an hour at the gym today. For some snacks, I'll be having a green apple with some reduced fat peanut butter, and some bing cherries. I haven't had soda since Sunday. I've only been drinking water, and lots of it too. :) For dinner, I'm going to have some baked beans, corn, and fruit. And of course, I'll bring fruit for snacks. I've thought about different foods that I love. Like, pizza or steak sliders from Red Robin but I know that food will be there next week. I'm still determined that I can get through this without indulging in a bunch of bad foods. :)

Day 4: Well it's now day 4. I continued with having slim fast for breakfast and one for lunch. I had a snack a while ago. My new favorite, green apple with reduced fat peanut butter. MMMM For dinner tonight I will have some left over baked beans and corn. And I'll bring the last of the bing cherries for a snack. Guess it's time to go to the store for some more cherries! :)

Day 5: My last day!! I'm so glad. Today, is actually the first day that I'm really hungry!! haha I had a slim fast for breakfast, and then again for lunch. I also worked out for an hour today. For a snack I had a green apple with peanut butter. For dinner I had whole grain rice. For snacks tonight I have a banana and an apple. By midnight tonight I will be done and glad that I made it. :)

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