June 3, 2010

Dinner last night...

I went to Wegman's the other day and bought a few groceries. Wegman's has chicken breasts packaged with a marinade and it's like vacuumed sealed. It's not easy to open but it's cool b/c it keeps the chicken fresher longer. The chicken breasts that I got were marinated in a Brown sugar bbq sauce. For dinner last night, I made some of the breasts along with some corn and baby dutch yellow potatoes. I love the potato selection at Wegman's. They have a huge isle with every imaginable potato you can find. They even have purple potatoes. I'm so gonna try those one day! :) For the baby dutch potatoes, I cut them up and put them in some boiling water. Once they were done I mashed them, added some ranch dressing, butter and pepper. Yum!! :)

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