June 21, 2014

Bee Water Station

On Pinterest the other night I came across a bee water station.

I thought this was a wonderful idea since bees pollinate thousands of flowers and gardens a day.  Bees can easily drown so to bring more bees to my garden I set out to make my own.

I picked up 2 bags of round marbles from the Dollar tree.  They also had flat marbles.  Get what you prefer and whatever colors you want to use.  I used the mixed colors so I would bring some more colors to my garden and because I thought when the sun hit the marbles it would look awesome.

I had an old glass pie dish that I actually had in my yard sale tote so I pulled it out and used it for this.  I emptied the marbles into the pie dish and then added some water.

I placed a empty container upside down and set the dish on top.

Here's a closer look.

Here's the bee water station in the garden.  (bottom left)  I hope this brings more bees to my garden.  :)

I spent $2 on this project and that was for the marbles.  I had the container, pie dish and water.  :)  My husband saw this and gave me a look and said "uh" and I said "its for the bees to drink from".  He just said "ok" and looks at me like I was crazy.  LOL